Cadence seems way too low

Hello. I am new to Swift. I am using the Wahoo Kickr 1st generation, Zwift on the iPad and used a Wahoo sensor for cadence. Although in my usual cadence was between 80 and 100 RPM when I was riding on the road, the cadence in Swift only stays in the 60 RMP range even when I spin. I thought it was the Wahoo cadence sensor that had a problem so I changed the battery and put it closer to the bottom of the crank . It did not help. I then removed it and replace my Look pedals with my Assioma pedals. No improvement. I am not sure what else I can do. I would like to address this issue because I would like to do the FTP test. I started on already but I quickly got to a point where the resistance was so hard that I had to stop. I found a post on the Forum about this that explain the resistance was based on the cadence…the way I understood it is that the lower the cadence is the higher the resistance is … So I definitely need to resolve this cadence issue before I can complete the FTP test which will be critical to determine my power zones and train based on them before I start riding outside again. Thank you in advance for your help, advice and feedback. Jean-Marie

Hi @Jean-Marie_Billon and welcome to Zwift. Have you checked to see if your Kickr has the latest firmware and done a spindown?

It sounds like you may have done a FTP ramp test where the resistance slowly gets harder and harder, that would be normal and the lower your cadence the harder it will be to hit the wattage target. Are you familiar with ERG mode?

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your reply. I did both before I started. I also did the same with Zwift. I am not sure I am fully aware of what ERG mode does but I believe it reflects reality which it is what I need. However, I went to a point that I had to stop because the resistance was so hard that I couldn’t move the pedal even when standing up. I do not think it is the point of doing a FTP test.

@Jean-Marie_Billon ERG mode does not simulate the virtual terrain. It will keep your power output at a certain watt level (ie if you are doing training and have a 2 minute block at 180W it will keep you at that level no matter your cadence). SIM mode is where the trainer provides resistance based on the terrain.

you want ERG mode off in this case. There is a 20 minute FTP test that you will want to complete, you can do the shorter FTP ramp test but the result is not as accurate/realistic as doing the longer 20 minute FTP test.

Daniel, Mike,
Thank you for the explanation. I thought it was the other way round but now it make sense. I will put the Wahoo RPM sensor back and replace the Assioma power pedal with my normal Look, do a new spin down and do the 20 min FTP test with the ERG mode off. Thank you again both for your help.

Hi @Jean-Marie_Billon.

One more thing about the FTP test and resistance and ERG. If you keep erg on or of you will have to change the trainer resistance to a range that you can keep for 20min. To change the trainer resistance you can use the companion app Incline button or the on screen menu up and down arrows, if you use a pc you can use ± keys.

I would also suggest lower your FTP to 100w just so that you can get past the first few steps. This will give you a good place to start with FTP. In a few weeks you can do another FTP test then you don’t have to adjust the FTP.

Also the only function for cadence id for the avatar to move his/her legs and for your information, zwift does not use cadence for anything else.

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