Cadence seems to be missing

Hi there!

I am riding on a ‘CycleOps Fluid2’ classic trainer with the Garmin Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2. Both sensors seem to pair nicely, but in game it feels like I dont get my real cadence. Zwift seems to be calculating a cadence for me, because even if I keep everything constant IRL (Power, gear, cadence), my in-game cadence goes down drastically if I’m climbing a hill and goes up if I go down a hill.

Anyone else has the same problem? Is there any settings that I’m missing? Is there any way to get my IRL cadence? I fear that I bought a cadence sensor for nothing.

Thank you.

Hi @Samuel_Auclair

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Do you mean cadence (RPM) or Speed (km/h or mph)

If you mean speed, speed will reduce if you keep your power the same when going up a hill.

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I meant cadence (RPM). I understand that my speed goes down when I go up a hill, but my cadence (RPM) seems to be affected the same way. I’d rather always have my IRL cadence shown as this is important information for my trainings. Any way to do that?

Zwift doesn’t do anything with the cadence being reported from your trainer/sensor, apart from displaying it and logging it. It doesn’t manipulate the cadence figures.

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