Cadence connected but not reading

Zwift hub connected via blootooth. No cadence reading, no resistance on hub, peddles and cassette spinning freely unable to use trainer.

Can you give more detail.

Is it connecting as a controllable trainer?

What OS are you running Zwift on?

Have you recently upgraded firmware?


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Connected as Zwift hub trainer. I updated the software yesterday. I only bought it last week and it was working fine untill yesterday. I am running it on an Ipad.

You mean you did a firmware update on the hub yesterday?

What lights are showing on it?

Lights are blue. Everything connected and paired. Heart rate etc fine. Hub connected and cadence connected. However when I spin nothing happens. The cadence stays at zero and there is no resistance. I moved the trainer yesterday, so I am thinking that maybe that could be the problem. I am currently trying to run a spin down to possibly recalibrate but am unable to as the wrench icon is not showing on iPad when on pair screen.