Buying zwift bundle in Australia or France [March 19, 2024]

Hi there,

I am looking at joining and was looking at the zwift smart trainer + annual membership bundle.

I am living in Australia and this looks unavailable here.
Am I correct :thinking: ?

I am going to visit my family in France soon so I want to know if I buy this bundle and get it delivered in France then take it with me; is my membership going to be valid in Australia when I come back ?

I think you’d be better off getting a Wahoo Kickr Core with the Zwift one direct from Wahoo.

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Hi @Thomas_Pillet. Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I appreciate your valuable interest in our products. Undoubtedly, clarifying your concerns about the shipping is key for you.

We’d love to be able to ship to users from Australia. Nonetheless, we are not able due to customs and logistic chain matters.

You could get the item delivery to France. However, if you receive your shipment in an unsupported region, please be aware that Zwift will not cover the costs associated with fulfilling the warranty outside of our supported regions (in case it is necessary to apply the warranty).

Regarding the annual membership, if you purchase it either in a bundle or independently, the code will be valid. It will be tied to the email address of the profile that purchased it.

I hope this information has been useful. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to clarify any questions.