Purchasing Zwift click Australia

When will the Zwift click be available in Australia. I need virtual gearing for my kickr core because I use a mountain bike on the trainer and the gearing in Zwift is no good for mountain bikes.

I don’t know anything about the prospects for sales in Australia (probably coming via Wahoo eventually) however you can use the QZ app (qzfitness.com) to get virtual shifting on your phone if you want a solution now. @Roberto_Viola is the developer and can answer any questions you have.

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let me know if you have any question! virtual shifting is already available with QZ for all the bikes!

HI @Matt_Shirlaw welcome to Zwift forums.

We’re working on it with Wahoo!

Will it be available as a stand alone purchase? I (and thousands of other people) already have a kickr core.


Hi @Matt_Shirlaw. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. This is a great question. Many of our Zwifters already have their Wahoo Kickr Core. I can’t confirm what improvements are currently being developed in this regard, but Zwift continually evaluates and develops solutions to improve your experience. Please stay tuned to our official channels like Zwift.com and Zwift Shop for new exciting releases.

I arranged to get a set of Zwift Plays when they came out last year in Aus through a friend in the US…

My girlfriend uses a kickr 6 (I have kickr 5 ). When virtual shifting came out for the 6 the other day I let her try my Zwift Plays and within 10 mins of finishing she had setup a US shipping address from a site that will apparently ship it to her from there…

Far from ideal I know, but is possible!

Will the Click and play controllers also be available separate to buy from Wahoo?

Look a few comments above - Zwift is arranging selling the Play and Cog through Wahoo to increase locations worldwide where you can purchase the items.

So, is the only way to get Zwift Hub and Click in Australia, buy a whole new Wahoo KICKR CORE, even if you already own one? That seems quite an expensive option. Why can’t we just purchase the Cog and Click separately?


It is now April 24 and zwift click nor the zwift controller is available in Australia. Please provide a date

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Are they though?

Any Updtae @Juan_Lopez10 on wen Zwift play ships in Australia . Try to GIVE MONEY TO zwift today , NOPE you didnt want it :slight_smile: Strange business model, to not add shipping to Australia

So if you are desperate for the Zwift Click from Australia, it will cost you around $115 depending on exchange rate .

  1. Set up a mail forwarding account. I use MyUS.com
  2. Using a VPN pointing to USA, go to Zwift web shop and select the Click for $39 usd.
  3. Enter your mail forwarding address for shipping
  • at this point you will have spent around $70 aud on the click and postage to Florida or wherever your forwarder is based. (This includes 6% US state tax)
  1. Once Zwift Click arrives at your mail forwarder, you will then be able to ship it on to Australia.
  • this will cost around $45 aud including Aussie GST (which is charged on item value and the cost of the shipping :man_facepalming:)

Or you can wait and maybe one day it will be available down here for perhaps $99 or something … plus postage :rofl:

Of course doing it that way makes it practically impossible to return if there are any issues.

Setting up distribution to Australia isn’t particularly difficult. I think zwift is just scared of our consumer protection laws.

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