Trainer + Annual Membership bundles [September 2023]

Last year, Zwift launched the Zwift Hub in order to make it easier and more affordable to get on Zwift. To offer even more value, Zwift Hub now comes with a year of Zwift.

This new package will simplify the process of getting onto Zwift, and enable cyclists to enjoy the benefits of Zwifting year-round.*

Hub bundles are available in the United States. UK, and EU from for $599 / €599 / £549, including one year of Zwift and your choice of cassette: 8-, 9-, 10-, 11-, or 12-speed.

For more details, please see our FAQ on

Hoping annual subscription options will be coming to all users :crossed_fingers:


That’s a bit on the pricey side, the zwift hub here in the uk is £449, so you’re getting charged £100 for zwift membership, I only use zwift for max 6 months of the year and 12.99*6 = 77.94 so that’s £22.06 more than I need to pay

but thats your personal choice to only use it for 6 months if you were to buy the hub with the subscription, im sure many who buy the hub with the annual subscription would probably use it for all year around

When I bought my present trainer, it had a years free subscription to one of the others an I’ve never used it

I’ve been using Zwift for over 5 years with a Wahoo KickR, 1st gen and now latest gen. Does the Zwift Trainer have any advantage over the best KickR?

If you have a kickr v6 there absolutely no reason to get a Zwift Hub. These are not competing products. The Hub is more oriented toward low cost rather than quality/accuracy. Compare the specs.


Was the ‘bundle’ a stipulation of the Wahoo lawsuit? Can people buy a Hub without the forced subscription ‘tax’? If no, is Wahoo requiring people that buy their trainers to also pay for a year subscription for their app? Will the subscription automagically renew?

No. Wahoo is also selling their own trainer with the same 1 year subscription to Zwift for the same added cost.

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Thanks for the information. I can see where including a subscription could get more users, but it could also slow trainer sales. Personally I use Zwift year round, but the weather can suck here, also year round. I’ve ridden quite a bit out doors this summer, I still ride inside. I live in a flat area, and the ‘Major Mountain’ in the area is a freeway overpass. Yeah, it’s so much of a struggle to climb to the top of that. (Well, if someone rides the flats, fast, for hours, it can be difficult to climb it, but that takes a heck of a lot of time)

I have enough trainers and enough subscriptions. Life is sweaty…

It does feel very much like this whole thing has spun out of the legal settlement between the two companies … especially as you will still be able to buy a Wahoo trainer from third party sellers/local bike shops without the Zwift subscription, essentially making that option the same price as the Hub + subscription cost from Zwift.

I had read somewhere in passing, that ALL trainer sales would include a subscription, regardless of source, but I’ve got enough trainers, as I said, and don’t need to be in the market.

The idea that the used trainer market could be getting a boost, if true, flashed in my mind. Some people really don’t like Zwift (hard to believe, I know) and would do almost anything to avoid using, or paying for it.

If buying local can be subscription-less, that’s an odd boost for the whole idea of ‘Buying Local’ (or online?). Time will tell what settles out of all this. (I’d hate to have subscriptions to ALL apps ‘included’ with trainers. Yikes, who would buy one if that happened (lawyers are great when you need them, but they sure do muck things up sometimes (often?)))

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
(2 Henry VI, 4.2.59), Richard the Butcher to Jack Cade

There certainly was no love lost between Shakespeare and lawyers. Wow…

Just noticed on the Wahoo site it says that the bundled 12 month subscription will auto renew at £129.99. That would effectively give you 2 free months. So is it right that those who buy a trainer will have an ongoing discounted annual plan whereas those that don’t buy a trainer are stuck with paying monthly? Or will annual plans be available to everyone?

it would give you 2 free months if you use zwift 12 months a year, but for those that only use it during the autumn & winter it doubles the cost, personally i’d much rather pay only when I’m using it, that money is better off in my bank account than in zwifts

I’m only asking for people who use it year round. People who pay monthly can continue as normal. You can buy the trainer without the annual subscription.

There’s a few contradictory, or at the very least, unclear things with respect to the annual membership:

First, you have the main page on Zwift’s US shopping site. Like the UK site, it mentions the auto-renewal at a rate that equals 2 free months. However, note the asterix. There actually isn’t (that I could find) any corresponding asterixed footnote that I could find.

However, note a separate webpage’s Ts and Cs that indicates that well… it might not be $149 when it auto-renews, but rather the “then-applicable” (annual) price. However, can anyone actually find anywhere the listed pricing for Zwift annual plan? How will you know what the annual price is when auto-renewal month comes around?

Now for the next part of the contradictory stuff. This blurb on the main Hub page seems to indicate the annual membership code could be transferred (eg. as a gift) – which means I can’t see why it likewise couldn’t be sold. However, refer above to the 1st paragraph of the Terms/Conditions…?!

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Its in the section circled in red

that is quite an ambiguous sentence.

you could read it as “after 1 year at $149.99 membership auto renews” currently membership is only monthly and so maybe it auto renews to be paid monthly at the normal rate?

I guess they have 12 months to work it out!

Yes, though monthly membership should not be called a renewal when the plan being renewed is annual.