Zwift hub one and annual membership

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong sub forum, I tried the other forum but it wouldn’t let me start a new topic.

I’m contemplating purchasing a Zwift hub one that comes with one year free membership.

I’m currently on a monthly subscription ending 30/11/23 and was going to switch over to the cheaper annual subscription.

My question is, if I purchase the annual subscription that would take my membership paid up until 30/11/24. If I then purchase the Zwift hub one trainer and get the free annual membership, does this stack, meaning I wouldn’t pay again until circa 30/11/2025?

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Just bare in mind that the annual subscription it’s only cheaper if you use zwift every month of the year

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Can you stop and start membership then?

Not with annual membership no.

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You would need to clarify the terms of the free year with the Hub. It may have to be redeemed in a certain time frame.

Safest option would be to stay on a monthly plan until you purchase the Hub if you are likely to do that soon.

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I have emailed zwift but their response didn’t really clarify anything other than the membership is £129.99 pa, which I already knew.

Perhaps I will just get the Hub, my elite suito t is making a lot of noise now, so I will get the new trainer and then try and take the elite apart and find the fault (I believe they suffer bearing issues). It’s well out of warranty now (had it three years) and lives in my garage so it doesn’t owe me anything.

You could also talk to this fellow about the Suito. The Hub has some different features but it’s not really a better trainer than what you have.

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Thanks for that link.

My turbo works it’s just very, very loud and looking online / watching YouTube, it would appear that a common issue is bearing related.

I’m not too worried about having “the best” or “most accurate” as I’m not in a team and I don’t race. It’s just exercise when the weather is bad (I prefer being out on the road). I’m not going to spend thousands on a turbo, because given the choice I’d rather be on the road.

My wife is just getting into cycling also (got herself a cheap £50 turbo from Halfords) so if I can fix the noise on my current turbo, she can use it and perhaps start a zwift membership if she wants.

I do like zwift though it’s great fun (wish my garage was warmer though).

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If you can get at the bearings, you can probably pry off the rubber seals and just shoot some grease in there. The bearings are cheap but removing them can be a bit of a pain, so sometimes it makes sense to just add grease and see if you get little more life out of it. A steel pick or a utility knife can be used to pull the seals off. Don’t use automotive wheel bearing grease but anything lighter will probably be fine. Lithium grease, Park Tool bearing grease, etc.

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Yes with the monthly membership. You can cancel your membership when you don’t need it, and then start it again when you do. You don’t lose any levels/progress/etc when you start it again, all that will be waiting for you.

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Ah okay, may be worth pausing in the better weather when I don’t use it that much.

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Lots of people do just that. Plenty of people Zwift year-round, but plenty use it just in the months that weather makes it less appealing to ride outside.

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Yes, it does stack. I was in the same situation - monthly subscription and then purchased hub one.
The annual membership comes as a code, that they email you on the very same day when you make the purchase. You can enter the code right away and your monthly subscription will automatically expire on the due date, replaced by the annual one. Your monthly payments will not continue.

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Cheers folks.

I’ll grab the turbo next month I think payday this time of year takes a beating with Christmas and kids. May just keep the membership monthly for now also and see how it looks when it runs out.

I just got the Hub one with the year membership, they sent me a code I could stick in to activate it, so I don’t see why you couldn’t just use the code when your current membership expires. :slight_smile: