Zwift free year for us existing loyal Hub owners

Hey Zwift Fam,

I hope you’re all doing well! I wanted to share a bit of disappointment about the recent Zwift offer. It turns out that new hub buyers get one year of free Zwift service, which is pretty sweet. But, as someone who invested in a hub not too long ago, I can’t help but feel left out.

I absolutely love Zwift - it’s become a daily part of my fitness routine, and the community is fantastic. Seeing this offer for new hub buyers got me excited, but it’s disheartening that existing hub owners like me don’t get to enjoy the same benefit.

I totally get that promotions aim to attract new users, but it’d be awesome if Zwift also appreciated those of us who’ve been here for a while. We’ve recommended Zwift to others and helped it grow, so a little recognition would go a long way.

I’m not asking for the moon, just a fair shake. So, Zwift team, can we please consider extending this offer to us loyal hub owners too? It’s not just about the free service; it’s about feeling valued and motivated to keep spreading the Zwift love.

Thanks for listening, and I hope we can make Zwift even better together!



I think it’s just down to timing and the new agreement.

Going back and applying things retrospectively is always going to be to the disadvantage or advantage of somebody.
It’s like when you buy something and a week later it goes on offer with 20% off.
Do you contact them and ask for the difference to be refunded? Probably not.
Would you feel equally as aggrieved if you’d bought your hub 18 months ago?
Sometimes your timing is spot on, other times not.

Brush yourself off and keep riding.

The Hub with the “free” year of Zwift also costs more, doesn’t it?

You must have gotten the promotion lol. I did shoot them a chat which was denied and an email. I’m a fan of it never hurts to ask.

Good catch! That lessens the difference in value I perceived.

Alas no, I’m a Neo owner so never been in that position to get or not get a free year.

It’s unlikely that Zwift Hub users have been around longer on average than folks using trainers that have been on the market for many years. That said, I’m pretty sure Zwift appreciates everyone’s money, both from people who have been around for many years promoting the platform to those who just recently joined when the Zwift Hub became available :slight_smile: