Buying "upgrades"

I’ve just seen this on another forum. Buying upgrades? Surely not. If this is an actual thing, I hope Zwift can stop it.

And yes, I am aware of the potential Streisand Effect of mentioning this at all…

I sent this up the chain to see what they think about it.

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Wow, that’s so blatantly bad.

It’s clearly a breach of TOS, and I’d expect anyone caught doing it to have their account suspended or banned.

Unfortunately, Zwift have created a bit of a grey area by allowing some people to do this without any obvious sanctions.

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Thanks Paul.

Appalled I hope.

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It’s also a great way to completely lose your account, you think people like this are trustworthy with your login credentials???

I am really dubious about adding 25 levels, but I do wish you could add different bikes and kits to your account. Allowing users to build, modify, and import custom mods to the game are things that other simulation games get right…

Lol people trying earn on everything.
Wonder how many desperate people will use this service and send passes :joy:

Nothing special. The gaming industry for years had this “black market” services.
Zwift is no different here. Any time when you could receive any advantage by having higher lvl (=time investment vs $paying someone) you’ll have those type of services and those who would like to receive this advantage.
There are some very effective ways to fight those things, but presently they (those ways) are not so popular in the democratic countries ))))