Burning Smell on Rollr

Hello and good morning all! I just had my first workout with the Rollr and I loved it! One thing that was a problem, was that there was a burning smell from my Tacx Trainer Tire. Is this normal? Or should I be worried, and if so, what should I do?

Thanks folks! See you on the road,

Hi Daniel,

In cases like this my best suggestion would be to check and make sure that everything is mounted properly and nothing is too tight. If everything looks good please contact TacX as this may be a malfunction and they will best be able to diagnose this.

ok Daniel just how fast were you going? Did you reach warp? ok, it’s not normal. did you touch the tire and it was hot?

Hi guys, great questions and advice, I think all it was was an under inflated tire, plus I remounted and crisis averted :smiley:
Thanks again mates!