Bulldog Ergbike & Zwift


Wondering if anyone could help. I have the new bulldog Ergbike which I have connected to Zwift as it has ANT and Bluetooth It has an air resistance dampener (1-8) and then also 1 - 10 on adjusting the airflow. Presuming 1 allows most air in.
Unlike other Erg’s the added magnetic resistance gives you additional resistance capacity mimicking up to 35 degree incline.

However, when training on Zwift it wants me to up my RPM and lower my watt output but I can’t normally do that as the setting down allow it, the more i peddle the higher the wattage therefore not following the training.

Does anyone have any tips, advice or experience for this as I am new to cycling.



If your trainer is not on the list of products that marginally work with Zwift then there is nothing anyone can do. Even when a device is on the list it does not follow that the numbers being put out are at all accurate depending on what you are using.

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