Bug: trial expired

Here is a new very unpleasant bug. Riding along sweeping on a ride, and Zwift displayed a notice my free trial has expired. I got past that, but it then cut off all chat ability. Hardly a good thing when you’re sweeping. There’s no trial happening. Been a paid member for a few years, and Zwift even did the auro bill a few days ago. Zwift. Stop adding more bugs. Please.

I assume you are using Apple pay.

You may have to reactivate your payment method.

No. In fact they charged my card 8 hours ago.

See Zwift not recognizing my active membership - #13 by D_Watson


For issues like this, the best way to get you assistance would be to have you reach out to Zwift support through email at support@zwift.com, or reach out to us through our chat by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the top right corner of our support site https://support.zwift.com

Hi @Gary_Vedvik

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. We don’t handle subscription issues on this public forums to keep your private info private. Please contact my colleagues offline, and we’ll be happy to sort out why the trial message is showing up for you.