Bug reporting process broken

Expected behaviour: when a bug is report it is taken seriously, feedback is given to what is going to happen to the report, if it is a known bug or something new.

Actual behaviour: When I report bugs they are not answered in a proper way, they are replied to - so (I guess) it looks like in a reporting system that the bug has been taken care of. In the time stipulated by a SLA. But in fact, it is not handled at all. It’s just left there hanging. No

Suggested resolution: treat bugs in a fair way. Treat the bug reporter nice, it is most often a paying customer who is trying to help you. Rework the SLAs and measurements of success for the bug reporting process.

Potential consequence if not handled: users that will leave platform, users stop reporting bugs that will lead to either worse quality of software or higher cost for company to employ beta testers inhouse.

Sounds like you’re new here ( I see you’re not ) ?

Zwift has their own view on how to handle bug reporting and “fixes” :wink::grin:



I can not remember if I was part of the closed Beta in 2014 or if I joined in the open Beta 2015, but I’ve been around for a while. So no, I am not new. I might not have reported a lot of stuff lately because I have been training less than before, but recently I have seen a very different, and disappointing approach to how serious feedback is treated. I guess I am now officially classified as a grumpy old man that claims things were better before. :rofl: