Status of Feature Requests on this forum

It would be nice if there could be some sort of status of the different issues here on the forum.

I guess Zwift is using a separate issue tracking system internally, but these public issues on this forum, have no status whatsoever. We have the “Known Issues” for bugs with tags e.g. [zbri-2987], which I assume is Zwift’s internal issue ID. I’m not sure if “known” means that it is being worked on or if it is just verified to be a bug.

Feature requests do not have the same tags as bugs. They get votes from forum users, but I don’t know if that is used by Zwift at all. Could it be possible to have a “Known Issues” type of thing for Feature Requests, with features that Zwift has looked into and have on the backlog?
With no feedback from Zwift on any of these Feature Requests, they feel a bit like yelling into the void.

It would indeed be great to have some tags for feature requests. Even a simple “planned”, “not planned” and “won’t do” or something.

While no one really wants to hear “won’t do”, it’s still better to be told.


Here is a “fact”: Zwift won’t do that (Feature Request Status, that is…)


That could be. I know many software product companies have issues tracking systems where users can follow their bugs and feature requests.

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Yep, having an open roadmap or development board isn’t that unusual these days.

Subnautica, for example: Trello
UE4 had one: Trello

Developing in the open is more common for open source software projects I think, but not unheard of for commercial stuff.

But what we’re asking for here isn’t necessarily access to the full published roadmap. More a little bit of feedback on the many features people ask for. Some of which have been requested for years without any clue as to whether they’re a “maybe” or a hard “nope”.

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Unfortunately, it seems (to me…) Zwift is not interested in that kind of engagement with the community.

I believe Zwift does employ an issue tracking system; I am also an avid supporter of open source software - alas, whatever we think - at the end of the day, it is Zwift’s decision… (i.e., “we won’t do that, Dave”)

We see a lot of requests repeated over and over again because many users have the same ideas/problems. If there was an easy way to see feature requests that are “work-in-progress” or “rejected”, we would maybe have fewer duplicates.

If we got a “won’t do”, that would be much better than “…” :wink:


100% guaranteed. Unless they’re existing 30 years ago or something. :smiley: (Or even further back TBH)

I did find a ZenDesk mail in my inbox from Zwift…

I don’t recall seeing such lately…

Does that mean “we used to have such engagement, now gone”?

Was that email related to a bug you registered? I did not see any emails when I created feature requests.

Yes. It was a ticket (from 2018…), accessible via… .

That portal no longer exists (apparently).

This is a good idea on paper, but it’s hard for us to pull off with the personnel and systems resources available to us. Without going into the details of why not - I’m going to be up front and say we’re not going to do this one.


@shooj Hehe. Yeah, that came as no surprise. Maybe you can write something about what we can expect, with regards to feedback from you, in the description of the “Feature Requests” section? Right now I suspect that people are expecting some kind of feedback when they take the time to register their good ideas.

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