Guidelines for Good Feedback

(Jason K) #1

Hey everyone,

To make sure that your feedback is well received (and more likely to be considered) by the developers, here are some general tips.

Focus on the issue : When reporting a problem, focus on the problem and what’s causing it. Blaming people or making accusations doesn’t help solve anything.

Suggest a solution (if possible): We’re all here to help make Zwift a better product for launch, so if you have an idea of how things could be improved, please bring it up!

Give details : Whether you’re suggesting a new idea or reporting a technical problem, try to be as detailed as possible. The more you can explain about what you’re seeing, the more likely we’ll agree or be able to help you.

Don’t focus on the negatives : We recognize that things will go wrong and it’s frustrating when they do, but fixating on them won’t help. If you encounter a problem or a feature you feel could be better, explain the situation, then move on.

Thank you for helping make Zwift even better! Ride On.