Any update should be tested (QA) thoroughly, Halloween update brought too many bugs and problems

Such complicated system as Zwift, running on many OS platforms/devices, needs a total regression testing before any update release. The Halloween update looks like somebody decided to give “fun” for subscribers, but actually it caused a lot of problems/glitches to users. No proper QA testing, voluntary management decisions. That’s what we (subscribers) are paying for?..

If you find bugs you can submit a ticket or you can post under “Bugs and Support”.

If you can provide more information then this can be fixed easier.

What setup do you use, operating system, Zwift version, trainer and how you connect.

I strongly agree here. This is one of the very first things I noticed about Zwift. The amount of bugs and features that do not work properly reminds me of software/online games in the early 2000s.

Judging from the massive amount of open job postings in their career section they must be very understaffed or, not to sound too arrogant, underskilled.

Hopefully this changes sooner rather than later. It’s a real tragedy and huge turnoff for people that are used to the high polish of most online software services these days.