Bug report - Zwift v 1.0.64887 and WTRL Race 16 March 2021

Writing this up in case it’s useful; no direct remediation expected.

Summary: My avatar did not properly participate in the WTRL race through Tempus Fugit; it turned right and did the Sand and Sequoias route.

Platform details: iPadOS 14.4, Zwift v 1.0.64887, Kinetic Rock and Roll smart trainer

Steps to reproduce bug:

  1. Updated Zwift.
  2. Logged in around 3:55pm PT; ignored the option to join a meetup and did a workout instead. Finished the warmup around 4:23pm.
  3. Exited the ride so it would save the warmup properly.
  4. Rejoined the Zwift, reconnecting all devices, and it said, do you want to join the meetup?
  5. Immediately after joining the meeting, I clicked on “Join Event”, which took me to the E pen as expected.
  6. Interacted with others in the pen (IM chat) and kept pedaling during the count down.
  7. When the banner dropped, saw a big “PEDAL ASSIST”. One other person noted they saw the same on their screen.
  8. At the end of the pen, all avatars (including the other person who saw the PEDAL ASSIST banner) all started turning to the left for Tempus Fugit while mine turned to the right towards Titan’s Grove.
  9. Lead-in distance matched what others experienced in Tempus Fugit.
  10. Continued to ride until the distance marker (36.8 km) for the event was reached (see photo in the Zwift Activity recording for the event). The resistance level, especially in the last 9 km, varied significantly (resulting in a range of 90watts to 180watts despite the 0% incline).
  11. Selected End Ride; it asked if I wanted to exit the event. Said yes, and it uploaded the ride.

The Activities list recorded this as “WTRL RACING (E)” and shows the race results. The map shows I was on a different route. Other riders did see my name in the event, and I saw other avatars when they were going one way and I the other in the desert.

Hope this was helpful!

Lovely. That’s a new one. I certainly hope it is remediated prior to The Next Big Event: Da Tour of Watopia…

Not really new - it happens rarely but does happen (just search for wrong way in the forums).