Deeeeppp breath [bug]

Joined a TT. Facing wrong way. Timer stopped at 1:20. No other riders visible. Enjoyment: 2/10. Frustration 7/10. Consistency of experience 8/10. Patience with the state of this software 1/10.

Windows 11. Zwift up to date. Internet and everything all good.

i think that happens when you join a TT directly from a pace partner or another event, wtrl have put out a psa about it before. i’ve no idea if zwift are supposed to have fixed it by now or not but if you join from the start menu or leave the event you’re currently in first it should prevent it happening again at least. or maybe it wont. who knows

Didn’t do either. I was free riding in watopia.

Did you sign up using the companion or web?

There is a known bug where if you sign up using ZC or Web to a TT event this will happen :confused:
It is already fixed for version 1.34. The current known workaround is to sign up directly in game.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


ZC - which I guess is how the vast majority sign up?


Forgot to mention another part of the bug/workaround. This problem only happens if you sign-up to the event using the web or ZC while already riding on Zwift.
If you sign-up before logging into to the game or restart the game after signing up the problem does not happen.


Original thread with bug report here: Weird ITT Bug