Bug: Map zoom level incorrect (superzoom!)

When riding in Urukazi map today, the map zoom levels were incorrect. The “max zoom out” view (i.e. the top-down map view that shows as much of the map as possible) was incorrectly replaced by a super-zoomed in map that showed your avatar’s position and only about 2m surroudning it.

This was consistent/persistent throughout the ride. It persisted through several “cycles” through the different map views. I was in Urukazi so unknown if related to that map or other worlds affected.

I am on an ipad Pro, latest iPadOS version, latest Zwift version (updated yesterday and checked for updates today before ride):

I think this has already been flagged, i think it might have been in one of the update threads.

Ah OK thanks do you have a link? I did search in “known issues” but I didn’t see anything, but its often hard to know what exact terms to search for that other people have flagged it under :slight_smile:

no - sorry - it’d take ages of trawling through the last few update threads - someone else might remember it?

edit - i tell a lie:

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Not limited to Urukazi either (though most extreme there):

The 3D minimap is less bad.

Thanks @Chris_Holton @Anna_Ronkainen appreciated. Fingers crossed for a fix on this one if multiple people are logging it / pointing it out. That almost seems to be the only type of bug that they fix, ones that make “noise” on the forums go away!

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