Minimap unusable on Urukazi

Minimap closeup is to high.

Same here, was looking forward to the 5th stage of the tour as my first taste of Urukazi.

I like to use the Minimap to get a feel for the lay of the land in new areas, unfortunately this was ruined with it being grossly zoomed in even when “zoomed out” to the max.

Did Turf N Surf yesterday hoping this would just be a one off glitch but it was the same.

All fine in Neokyo but as soon as you get on Urukazi the mini map starts to uncontrollably zoom in. At the top of Urukazi it’s zoomed in so much as to be totally useless.


i reported similar in the main November update thread 11days ago although not sure if they are actively working to fix it.

@shuji is this being tracked as a bug?


Not new, not limited to Urukazi (but definitely on a whole new level there), Minimap magnification changes on its own

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I have had this issue since Urukazi launched. The mini map zooms in like this, and I am unable to zoom out. I reinstalled last night to try and solve another bug I noticed, I am hoping that it will fix this issue also. Is it like this for everyone?

Haven’t ridden since the last update. Thankfully we can still have the zoomed out view on the mini map but who needs a map that only shows an orange triangle?


Had this today

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Just reporting that this still seems to be an issue.