Bug: Dissolving, shape-shifting trees in Urukazi

(NOTE: Re-posting, since the original was incorrectly merged into a CLOSED/SOLVED ticket. The issue is NOT solved and is still present)

Riding in Urukazi today, the trees were dissolving and shape-shifting. As you approached them, initially deciduous/leafy trees first started to dissolve/speckle/pizzelate and then shae-shiftef as you got nearer into palm trees! :rofl:

I doubt it is relevant but I am on ipad Pro, iPadOS, latest version of both the OS and of Zwift itself (updated yesterday and checked for updates before ride today).

Screenshots below of the sequence, with the area I’m trying to highlight “zoomed”/superimposed to make it clearer. It seemed to happen persistently (across multiple laps) and also for all trees.

I have to say this one did amuse me… but is still ridiculous :sweat_smile:


How is this different from all the other posts about disappearing graphics.

Gerrie, the main issue is you merged it into a closed/solved ticket.

If there’s an active open ticket showing the same thing, then by all means merge the bug report - but you merged it to a closed/solved ticket. That’s not correct, since a closed/solved ticket indicates the issue is solved.

If you merge to a “Graphical issues in Yorkshire” ticket then fine so long as:

  • the ticket you merge it into is still open/not closed or marked solved
  • You are 100% confident it is the same issue and would get fixed in the same fix when released. That presupposes you already know the cause and seems a stretch to me. There canbe multiple graphics issues unrelated. Buildings disappearing seems different to trees changing from one shape to another to me!

However, obviously if you do so then the ticket title should be changed in that case, since the issue isn’t confined to Yorkshire. Ditto for the “Buildings disappear in Crit City”, since this isn’t in Crit City.

We can’t open a topic and bug report for every piece of grass or rock in every world that is out of place. So I will group them and it can be tracked.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Entire buildings and objects disappear