Bug at the finishline?

Hi there. First of all thanks for at great game play.
I have noticed a bug in my own races but also when I see other race. It is when you hit the finish line in a sprint, not always the first to cross the line wins the race. In fusion B yesterday the same happend, I watched it from the 3. Place first live, but then after also in the replay from zwift community where it was clear who crossed the line first and who was 2. But not according to the result as it was flipped there. I have seen it some times before but yesterday with live coverage from Zwift Community it was clear that eighteenths is a bug or else the finish line is 50 meter behind the finish line. I first thought it could be only me who noticed it but I have seen it on 3 different streams/computers. So not my software:-) something you are already familiar with?

It is not to correct the specific result just to get it fixed for the future👍🏼

Best Regards Michael