Brand new Kickr arrived damaged


Does anyone have the contact number for support please?

My brand new Kickr has just arrived, opened the box and the drive unit is snapped clean off the mount. Emailed and messaged but not had a response.

Thank you.

If you opened a support case on the website, that should result in a replacement getting sent out. That’s how they do support.

Hopefully they will resolve it soon, but that’s got to be down to a combination of bad packaging, and bad handling, if it was me I’d be fuming, that’s not what you expect having spent that type of money, are there no contact details on the delivery note

well they do call it a… “Snap!”



No, nothing on the delivery note other than shippers address.

Just curious, was the box damaged when it arrived? I’ve seen how these things are packaged from Wahoo and it would have to be pretty obvious that the box was handled poorly for it to break like that. Sorry you are in this situation, but I’m sure Zwift will make it right.


I had a warranty issue recently. The process of communicating back and forth was a bit slow, but Zwift did resolve it satisfactorily for me. Good luck!

Thank you! good to know!

No the box and outer box were immaculate.


that is very surprising!

Wow, that is bad then obviously packed like that :cry:

The temptation to claim that this happened when I was sprinting would be very strong, but I’d probably go with the ‘happened during shipping’ story too in the end. :slight_smile:


HI @Ricky_Elder

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see that you’ve started a support ticket, and one of our Support colleagues will be in touch about an exchange or return. We don’t handle Zwift Shop issues on this public forum (where your private information and money are involved) so I’m going to ask you continue the discussion with one of our specialists who’ll be in touch with you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

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