Box hill verified segment missing?

Hi - a recent ride failed to show the Zwift Verified segment for Boxhill - only things like Final km, long straight, appear - and previous rides recorded no longer show the segment (they did originally) - running latest version - anyone else having this issue or know what’s changed? Thank you

Those verified Strava segments were created by ZwiftInsider not Zwift.

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Check here. To my understanding while Zwift assists ZI with some minor things, Eric is largely on his own when it comes to doing the features that we love from ZI.

Did you “show hidden efforts”. Sometimes they’re hiding in there and just need to be unhidden.

You could also use this:

Look for the segment you expected to see, and Strava will tell you why it didn’t match.

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Thanks for the replies - checked hidden efforts - not there. The crazy thing is that my previous rides which recorded the segement no longer show that historic data. The ride is there but that segment not - so no PBs - there is no BoxHill segment at all.

Odd. Is this the segment you mean?

You could try refreshing activity achievements, but I think the non-matching segment report is a better bet if you haven’t tried that yet.


Daren - yes - I ride it but it’s not up on my Strava:

It’s there as far as I can see:


I agree with Daren - it see it on your Stava profile.

Thanks Daren - couldn’t find it on the mobile app so went to MacBook and found it hiding amongst 30-40 other BoxHill segments :scream: Have saved the Zwift Insider as a Favourite so it’ll not be hidden in the future - thanks for your patience with me :ok_hand:

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A good tip is to hide all the ones you don’t care about. I also noticed you have at least one Zwift Insider verified segment hidden. “Greater London Loop (Zwift Insider verified)” was the one I noticed.

Thanks Daren - never had an issue before, or had to save a segment - but will check all my others now - thanks for the tips

Not sure about the original question but you must remember that Zwift “moved” the lines a bit on Box and Fox Hill when Leith and Keith Hills were released. So, there’s an old Fox Hill and an updated new one.

Also, one route takes you up Box Hill but actually misses the official start line and therefor, you will ride 95% of Box Hill but not get credit on Strava because the red start line was just before the turn.

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Thanks Zee - no we’re all good now

Thanks everyone - consider this thread closed from my side of things