Baseline Ride missing short segment

Did the Baseline Ride last night (19:00 GMT) and the activity details can not be loaded, however my ZA progress does show the long and middle segments. Uploaded the .fit file to Strava and the results show in Zwiftpower just nothing in my activities. Frustrating start to the ZA.

I was on the same ride and have the same problem. I had to manually upload the .fit file to Strava and Training Peaks, so I know that that contains the 3 segments (Strava shows my PB on the sprint segment). Zwift upload didn’t work automatically, so I guess it’s another instance of the upload servers being overloaded when 738 riders all finish at around the same time. I’ve had the same issue when doing big group rides. According to Zwift support chat (Alexander) there’s nothing that can be done at their end so we’ll have to redo the ride if we want the 3 segments recorded. I’ll try a less busy time.

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Exact same thing happened to me. Now going to try it again…

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Thanks, thinking along the same lines of redoing the ride later, not really the plan but what can you do.