Blurry image from iPhone sharing to TV via HDMI adapter

I’m using an iPhone for Zwift and sharing the image to a TV via an official Apple HDMI cable adapter.
Lately the TV screen its blurry and lacks definition. The iPhone screen is sharp.
Tried a different HDMI adapter (also lightning to HDMI, official Apple) and also a different HDMI cable. Even tried a different HDMI port on TV. The image is always blurry on TV.

Had this problem with the iPhone 11 Pro and it continues with the iPhone 12 Pro.

I think it started around the time I updated to iOS 17 or Zwift App v 1.47 (it was around the same time for what i remember).

The Zwift log shows a frame rate around 30 fps (as it always used to be). Sent yesterday (2023-10-03 log to Zwift via email)

Now I’m using iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 17.0.2 and Zwift 1.49 and the problem continues: image blurry on TV via HDMI Apple official adapter but sharp on phone screen.

(note: with other apps the image is sharp on TV)

I actually have exactly the same issue from iPad. (Plus for a couple of rides I simply lost connection and no image showed.)

IMO it started after iOS17 update, but there was also a game update same time. So difficult to pinpoint. But since then, very blurry images.

This happens on races, group rides or free riding. Small groups and large groups.

I have the same issue.
I have tried an Amazon version of the adaptor, the apple lightning to av adapter, different power chargers (all official apple) and still no joy.
Image becomes Beverly blurry after a few minutes.

I then wondered if it may be something to do with the internet (not sure why it would be) but I loaded up Zwift on my iPad and hotspotted off my iPhone.
The image seemed to be clearer for longer,

I have the same problem. Have you managed to resolve it?

No problem still happening.

The only workaround I found was streaming via AirPlay to a device connected to the TV, but that limits somethings like using BT headphones.

Bump as it is majorly annoying. All other apps cast fine