Blurry image from iPhone sharing to TV via HDMI adapter

I’m using an iPhone for Zwift and sharing the image to a TV via an official Apple HDMI cable adapter.
Lately the TV screen its blurry and lacks definition. The iPhone screen is sharp.
Tried a different HDMI adapter (also lightning to HDMI, official Apple) and also a different HDMI cable. Even tried a different HDMI port on TV. The image is always blurry on TV.

Had this problem with the iPhone 11 Pro and it continues with the iPhone 12 Pro.

I think it started around the time I updated to iOS 17 or Zwift App v 1.47 (it was around the same time for what i remember).

The Zwift log shows a frame rate around 30 fps (as it always used to be). Sent yesterday (2023-10-03 log to Zwift via email)

Now I’m using iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 17.0.2 and Zwift 1.49 and the problem continues: image blurry on TV via HDMI Apple official adapter but sharp on phone screen.

(note: with other apps the image is sharp on TV)

I actually have exactly the same issue from iPad. (Plus for a couple of rides I simply lost connection and no image showed.)

IMO it started after iOS17 update, but there was also a game update same time. So difficult to pinpoint. But since then, very blurry images.

This happens on races, group rides or free riding. Small groups and large groups.

I have the same issue.
I have tried an Amazon version of the adaptor, the apple lightning to av adapter, different power chargers (all official apple) and still no joy.
Image becomes Beverly blurry after a few minutes.

I then wondered if it may be something to do with the internet (not sure why it would be) but I loaded up Zwift on my iPad and hotspotted off my iPhone.
The image seemed to be clearer for longer,

I have the same problem. Have you managed to resolve it?

No problem still happening.

The only workaround I found was streaming via AirPlay to a device connected to the TV, but that limits somethings like using BT headphones.

Bump as it is majorly annoying. All other apps cast fine

following this topic, got similar output on my screen, iphone great visual, external screen a bit blurry.
does someone have a screenshot what you see? then we could compare.

Started today a group rode with blurry screen for 45 minutes, went for short ‘coffee break’, the the screen was perfect when i came back

Did a ride yesterday again.
The ride using the HDMI Adapter started blurry again.
But it looked like that after around 40 minutes the screen went from blurry to good.

Does this happen to you as well, or any similar experiences?
forgot again to take a picture.

Sometimes starts blurry and gets better and then horse. Other times starts good then gets blurry. Some rides the blurry is low and other is heavy. No discernible pattern but tried and older iPhone (iPhone 8 still on iOS 16.x) and for the few minutes I used it didn’t see any major problems, But again it was less than 5 minutes.