Flickering / Lag on TV

Apologies if I’m repeating previous topics. I use a HDMI c type cable to link my IPhone to the TV. This has worked perfectly until last week, where there is now an intermittent lag / flicker when I’m cycling. The IPhone display is still smooth, but on the tv there’s a continuous cycle (no pun intended) of a few seconds of smooth graphics, followed by a split second delay, then a ‘catch up’ to smooth graphics and so on. I’ve tried different phones, different TV etc and it’s the same. Any ideas? Cable works fine on other apps.

Huh, thought it was just me. Have you started a Support Ticket? Now knowing it’s happening to another I am going to send one in.

I haven’t but that’s a good shout. Cant decide if it’s linked to when I updated the latest version.

Sent the issue in and they responded it is being looked at. Will let you know what they come back with.

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Thanks my friend. Appreciated.

It’s very possible that the iPhone’s graphics processor is struggling to push enough pixels to a second screen simultaneously.

I’m not an Apple user, but does iOS have a way to disable the phone display and have it broadcast to the external monitor only?

Thanks but I’ve only ever used the phone and the hdmi c connector. Tried the iPad and that’s started doing the same where previously it hasn’t. If I use other apps to display photos or videos it’s fine, it’s just Zwift and only recently. :weary:

Here is the answer from Support:

Zwift is always evolving and improving, with every update the game becomes more and more graphically intensive.

Phone GPUs are well designed but the more graphics improve the harder it will be for them to keep up under the same stress load.

The best advice I can offer you, is try to make sure that your phone is up to date with the latest software from Apple.

Keeping your phone up to date is the best way to mitigate graphics issues, however at some point it won’t be enough to keep up.

If you have another more powerful device I suggest switching to that one instead, it will have an easier time keeping up with the new advancements.

Sounds like issues I’m having (although on the windows version) since the last update. Not sure if something within the game has changed or if the increased number of riders makes lower power computers and devices struggle. annoying though.

@Bill_Murray This is poor - if your phone/device doesnt support running running Zwift to an acceptable experience level then Zwift should make the software unavailable for your phone. What model iPhone is it by the way?

The graphics issues have been popping up all over the place at an increasing rate of knots since France was launched - that response from Zwift is a cop-out, but at least they responded to you!

It may well be IOS related. Ive tried a few other apps the last few days - FulGaz, RGT and so on and they do the same. Maybe Apple wanting everyone to get Apple TV? :roll_eyes:

Zwift could also have clear instructions on how to lower the load on our phones and laptops.
I Zwift for fun and exercise.
The graphics are fine.
I don’t need real life shadows etc.
Show my avatar and those around me without lag and I’m happy.
Upgrades that look nice on some machines bit decrease functionality on others seem unwise.

Yeah agree. So no stone unturned I’ve linked up on old IPhone 6 using IOS 12.4 and it works perfectly. Guessing between Apple and Zwift updates it’s screwed things up.

Hi Bill, quick follow up on this which might be of interest. I ended up totally frustrated at the lag, especially during a few races recently, so bought an Amazon Firestick and downloaded a screen mirror app which links straight to my iPhone. So far it’s been perfect and considerably cheaper than Apple TV given I’d only use it for Zwift. Hope you get sorted.