iOS device to TV, which allows better graphics, appleTV or HDMI cable?

I’ve searched, and can’t find the answer.

When running iOS Zwift, and getting it onto a TV, which will give the A) highest resolution, B) fastest frame rate and C) highest detail?

  1. AppleTV using AirPlay (3rd gen or 4th gen, so appleTV’s are HD models)


  1. Apple $50 lightning to HDMI cable


My thought is that the HDMI cable may be less processor intensive for the iphone/ipad, allowing smoother graphics, however maybe HDMI cable output is only 720p and the AirPlay is HD?

I need to purchase either the cable, or an appletv for the pain cave, so can go either route. I already have a Roku there, so don’t need the other features of the appletv. I just want Alienware Alpha graphics for $50 :slight_smile:


I tried the Apple TV 3rd gen and the video worked great, but the sound did not work. My preference is the Apple TV if they could fix the sound because you are not constrained by the cable length.

Does anyone have experience with Apple lighting cable, $50 seems a little steep for a cable.

That cable is about 2.5 / 5 stars on Apple, but more like 4.75 / 5 stars on Amazon. It has electronics inside it, so I’m not that keen to try a knockoff.

Now I did find someone else asking a similar question about AirPlay / Chromecast, and Zwift responded that a cable was better , as the AirPlay etc was designed for pictures and video, not games. So in games there can be lag.

That’s sufficient for me, and I’ll be grabbing the cable from amazon for $40 on sale once I find $10 of other stuff I need to get free shipping.


I would still like to know what resolution it is, what frame rate it is, and what detail level … is it as good as a $500 computer?

People are complaining that there is no sound when airplay is being used, I initially had the same problem but turned my ringer on and instant sound. And that was through a 2nd Gen apple tv from an iPhone SE.