Apple TV vs iPad

Currently using iPad 2017 and have just started using it to connect to my TV. It’s an old TV running 720p. The quality on the TV is not as good as the iPad.

So I am thinking of getting Apple TV and a 1080p TV.

Anyone with any experience of this and a comparison to iPad quality?


I was using a similar setup, connecting an iPad to an old HD Ready TV. Quality is no good. I went upstairs and hooked up to our Apple TV + Full HD Tv. Amazing quality indeed but apparently a pain for anyone else roaming the livingroom :wink: Went back downstairs and ended up using the iPad only, since it looks way better than any large Stoneage monitor.

But yes: ATv plus a nice large 1080+ display is a full step ahead.

Cheers, Matz

Cheers. Looks like more money to spend!! :slight_smile:

I run an Apple TV on a 4K UHDTV with up scaling. It’s 50” and totally immersive. Still use the iPad on the Tacx handlebar mount if I want to watch Netflix and ride or run. Best of both worlds.

How does the iPad compare with the Apple TV? I assume that the video quality is better via Apple TV?

To be honest I don’t see any difference between them. My Ipad is a pro with a Retina display and the Apple TV is the 4K but I am sure they actually graphic output of the game is lower and the TV upscales anyway. The quality either way is superb. I also run it on my max from time to time and that’s where you really see the difference in details as the Mac is a 5k with the latest i7 processors and video with 8gb. Shadows etc are where you notice the difference.

However as I am running or riding and glancing at the screen for data it really makes no difference to my experience.

buy and connect only, there.

I bought the non-4k apple tv and quality is too poor. It’s mostly the framerate that just doesn’t cut it. I get dizzy watching the screen. Sending the 1080p version back and getting the 4k one.