Apple TV HD and 4K

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere but I couldn’t see it . Just wondering how much of a difference a 4K Apple TV will make over the older Apple HD TV if I am using an older HD TV screen?

I am using the Apple TV HD (not 4K - the model before that - A1625) .

I am using a Samsung 37 LCD that is ‘full HD’ with native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (37LZD800A)

I realise 4K will improve the speed and image but just wondering if it’s worth the change if I don’t also change the screen /TV ? Cheers

@Marty_Taylor I have 4K and an older Plasma screen. The image on the edges is slightly off the screen for me on the current setting which probably would be remedied with a more up to date TV or a more boxed setting but otherwise I find the image quality to be fine for my workouts.

The CPU in the newer models is faster. With the 2nd gen 4K model or later, you get the video screenshots feature, if you care about that. The resolution of the game graphics is the same on the 4K model as on the HD (1080p) but my understanding is that the HUD elements on the screen are rendered in 4K if you have a 4K display. Given your display this is irrelevant. If you have the original remote that came with the HD model, you might enjoy the improvements that come with the newer remote.

If it’s working well for you there’s probably no reason to replace it.


AppleTV 4K will not be 4K graphics. It will be 1080 medium profile

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The HUD and menus etc are in 4K. You might think that’s no big deal but it makes them very sharp.

Also the 4K models get a better frame rate than the HD

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Thanks Jon yes I have noticed the same thing actually - a small portion of the image is lost on the edges of the screen. Haven’t found an adjustment to fix that but it’s not major problem.

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Thanks Steve i had wondered about frame rate - no doubt that will improve how it looks . The older screen might impact how much though

Thanks Paul that is really helpful . Had been using an I pad prior and it’s good to just have a bigger screen right now

The frame rate is only slightly higher. Like 30fps as opposed to 20-something.


Ok thanks Steve yep not a big change