Bluetooth problem connecting Tacx Neo 2ts

Hi Guys,

I currently have two Tacx Neo 2Ts that my partner and I use. I have a real problem at the moment that for some reason my iPhone seems to connect to both trainers without me asking it to and my partner is then unable to connect theirs to Zwift. I have taken a look and it seems that it is doing this independently of Zwift (I think) and there is no disconnect / forget option next to the device on the BT setting page in IOS. If I go into the companion app, I can see both trainers listed in the settings but again, no way to disconnect unless I turn bluetooth off and on again, at which point my trainer then disconnects. I would go over to one trainer using ANT+ but we both run Zwift on Apple TVs. Has anyone else come across this? I’ve reset my network settings and reinstalled my phone but neither seem to have sorted it.

Many thanks in advance for any tips…


In the list of BT devices, press the (i) to the right of the device name. That will give you a “Forget this device” option.

Hi Steve,

Alas that option is missing against the two trainers, but I did some tests and it seems that it is the Zwift App on AppleTV that is grabbing the trainers rather than the companion app or the OS… that might explain the last of forget this device option. It is all very odd but my workaround is to ensure that at least one of us is on the route selection screen before we turn the second trainer on.

Thanks for your help…


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