Bluetooth power and cadence reading from 4iiii precision

After last version upgrade (1.0.29500) when I have 3 BT devices connected (4iiii powermeter as power and cadence source, HRM, and Tacx Bushido as controllable resistance) I have noticed that power and cadence readings from my 4iiii precision powermeter are constantly jumping every second: (1) cadence data is constantly jumping from 1 to 80 when my real cadence is 80 rpm and (2) power data is constantly jumping from -40% to +20% around value that I see on my wahoo elemnt bolt (it talks to powermeter using ant+ and power reading is floating of course but not jumping so fast). Tried to change Power Display setting from Instant to 3 sec avg with no effect.

I also attempted to change cadence data source to my Tacx Bushido smart and cadence reading became stable. Maybe power reading from the smart trainer would be stable too but it is too inaccurate for me (because of bad Bushido’s precision).

So after 10 km ride Zwift app tells me that I rode with 100 W average, and my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt tells me that that ride was 109W average. It seems that this difference with the same power data source is explainable by not-so-stable power reading in Zwift.

Thanks for the details Andrew! We’re investigating 4iiii meter’s compatibility on Android as there have been a few reports on similar issues. I’ll update you once I receive new information.

HI! One more thing to add: in exact moment when I unpair my Tacx Bushido as Controllable trainer power and cadence readings from 4iiii precision powermeter become good and stable as they should.
Maybe that’s because Zwift app tries to use power data from two different devices simultaneously. Data from 2 sources differs very noticeable so the readings in Zwift app are constantly changing.

I hope this issue is not hard thing to resolve. Thank you.

Hmm you may be on to something there! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Almost two years later - problem is not solved. My setup: 4iiii precision crank powermeter, Wahoo Kickr Core, v108 - 1.0.46903 Android app on Huawei P30. No stable cadence readings from 4iiii when Kickr is paired with the app. Exactly the same behaviour as described by Andrew.