Bluetooth pairing issues using iOS Companion app [September 2021] [v3.28] [SOLVED]

I originally posted in the Game Update 1.17 topic, but it was moved here. I’ve been trying a few things.

This is what I did this morning:
I tried updated my KICKRv5 to the latest Wahoo firmware (4.2.3). The iOS Companion app paired to everything, including Controllable. I started my Out and Back Again freeride, expecting to encounter the random gradient / resistance issues due to being on the latest KICKR fw, so I monitored what gradient was being sent to my CLIMB via the Wahoo app (KICKR supports multiple simulations BLE connections). It was perfect. The KICKR was receiving exactly the same as was on-screen (e.g. 2% on screen, 1% sent to KICKR, as I have trainer difficulty at the default 50%)

So updating the KICKRv5 to the latest firmware [v4.2.3 - 1 June 2021 Added: Bluetooth FTMS support] seemed to fix the issue completely regarding pairing Controllable through iOS Companion, with no random crazy hard resistance when descending and super easy when climbing.

I am running 4.2.3 on my Kickr and still there is an issue with the ERG. Also the wrench for calibration is on all the time.

Same here

Same issue (Kickr, iPhone, Win 10 pro PC, all software up to date). Can connect power source, cannot connect Controllable using companion app.
Tried “x64: vc_redist.x64.exe” fix - no change.
Native Bluetooth on PC ok.

Update on direct bluetooth connect…
Just rode Academy workout 4. Cadence dropped within five minutes and through first over under block erg stayed on but didn’t really control much, then held at max level in the rest period. reset and continued - same again for second block. When cadence connected - it was never correct.

Same issue here as well when using companion app connected to ATV. Trainer does not respond in ERG, all bluetooth connection drops with no warning and then randomly reconnects. Sometimes. Switched back to direct connect to Macbook Pro, and everything works perfectly. This is the single most frustrating issue I’ve encountered, and it does not appear to that there is any sense of urgency to address it.

UPDATE September 27

Zwift Companion v3.28.1 fixes this issue, and has been released to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It may take several hours to propagate worldwide, but please update your Companion App when it’s available.

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I downloaded the updated app, restarted everything, and experienced the same issue I was having previous to the update. ERG would not engage at all, and all connected devices dropped and the map disappeared in the Companion app less than two minutes into the ride. I connected directly to my Apple TV, and aside from not being able to pair an HRM due to lack of connection port, everything worked properly. Connected directly to my Macbook Pro via built in Bluetooth, everything worked properly.

ATV, Kickr v5 and issue seems to be resolved with iOS companion and controllable via the app. Had to re pair to get it to work. So far so good. I don’t use erg, only sim rides. Uphill/downhill working without fault.

Update - I did a system software update for ATV, then deleted and reinstalled the Companion app; closed all open apps and rebooted iPhone. This seems to have corrected the problem, with one minor exception. I’m in week 3 of the 8 week race prep plan, and every ride starts with a gradual build in wattage for a warmup. For me it starts in the low 70’s and progresses towards whatever the next stage requires. ERG does not restrict output to the warmup numbers until higher wattage is reached (typically the 120’s or so). I only mention this as this did not occur when connected directly to the built in BT of my laptop (without using companion app). Not a huge deal, but definitely two different results with two different setups. The remainder of the workout the trainer responded as normal.

Using iOS companion and Zwift on MacBook Pro, Mac OS Big Sur and Elite Arion Smart B+ rollers with latest firmware

I’ve had paring issues for months. My trainer won’t show up in “Controllable”. It does show up in “Cadence”, which I select, then I’m able to see it in and select in “Controllable”, then I go back to “Cadence” and switch it to my Stages Cadence/Power meter. Took some time to figure out that workaround.

After this latest update, I had major connectivity and resistance issues with the exact same set up. In order to connect my trainer, I have to toggle between “Built in Bluetooth” and “Zwift Companion”, the trainer WILL NOT show up if just left in “Zwift Companion”. I may have to toggle between the modes a few times before the trainer becomes available in “Use Zwift Companion”. It took hours to figure out this workaround as well. What an absolute pain in the ass.

On my MacBook Pro, the trainer resistance isn’t working as expected at all since the latest update. It’s way too easy now, so I’ve since switched to using my iPhone and hooking it up via HDMI to a monitor.

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The fix worked for a grand total of one workout. For today’s workout, I closed all open apps on my phone, started Companion up. Everything paired quickly through Apple TV. Started the workout. First segment is an ERG-controlled ramp-up. ERG would not engage, even after unplugging and replugging the trainer. At about the 2-1/2 minute mark, the map disappeared from the Companion app, and my avatar rolled to a stop with no devices connected. Please remove the SOLVED from the title of the post, as this is not the case.

Not solved. Now the Companion app is not even recognized as being open (and therefore is not an option) in the pairing menu.

Do I need to log back in and out to repair? Never had this many issues with the Mac or mobile apps. My ERG works fine, but I cannot use Companion app and I have a feeling native Bluetooth will fail me again, as it always does.

Will respond post-workout.

That’ll happen if they are not on the same WiFi network. Some phones will use mobile data instead of WiFi. Turn mobile data of.

Also restart your WiFi modem.

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I also cannot get the companion app to stay paired. Have given up on it.

I also cannot get the companion app to stay paired. Have given up on it.


Will try

If it’s useful for anyone - I have set up a shortcut automation on my iPhone so that when I open the Zwift Companion app it turns data off on my phone (but keeps on wifi and bluetooth). When I close the app it turns data back on. It means I don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn data off every time i used the companion app.

It takes 2 minutes to set up so worth taking a look.

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