Bluetooth keyboard incompatibility through Apple TV

I recently purchased an Apple TV 4K (5th Generation) to enable me to run Zwift on my 42" TV.

The remote for the Apple TV is terrible and its really difficult to navigate around Zwift using it.

Therefore, to over come this I purchased a Bluetooth keyboard (Arteck HB086) and connected this to my Apple TV so I could use this instead of the terrible Apple remote.

The keyboard connects with the Apple TV perfectly and it recognises all of the buttons on the keyboard and I am able to navigate around the Apple menu’s using the arrow keys and use the letter keys to write text etc. However, when I open up Zwift the only buttons on the keyboard that work on Zwift are the escape and return key.

I have raised this with Zwift and this is there response;

Thanks for your message.

This is a normal experience for anyone using a remote keyboard with Apple TV and Zwift. The Zwift control keys do not work with it and there are no plans that I am aware of to build this feature into the Apple TV release of updates.

You may want to add to this post or add another post in the feature requests section of the Zwift Forum. If enough people vote for this then Zwift may consider developing it.

I am not a Zwift employee in this role so have no influence on this!

Hope this helps answer your question.

Posted by Billy C

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the ATV remote app.

See this thread:

I also experience issues with my bluetooth keyboard and android. Works fine until I open up zwift. None of the shortkeys work. Oddly, enough, when I open up the message box on the phone, I can type using the keyboard but thats about it.

@Gordon_Fields_ARCC and @John_Sloan

I did some digging - Bluetooth keyboards attached to mobile OS’es (iOS, Android as well as Apple TV) will only work in text edit boxes (for entering username / password for ex).

Shortcut keys (ex: changing camera views with the number keys) will not work. Support for that is something we’d have to build in to future versions.

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Thanks for that :+1:

Thanks for the response Shuji. Are you aware if Zwift have any plans to resolve this issue in future versions? Its would really improve the experience for Apple TV users! :grinning: