Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard Compatibility

I see that — in the last couple of years — pairing a bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV did not get the user all the Zwift commands.

Has that changed so that all the functionality is there now?

Thanks in advance.

I just tried using a BT Apple keyboard. Most navigation keys do not work. Only the Enter & Esc key have limited interactivity. None of the function keys or number keys to change angle, nor the arrow keys work. Currently making the keyboard quite useless. Jan 12, 2020


Not that I have ATV, but Zwifting with a KB on your handlebars makes a huge difference.

I just sent an inquiry to tech support asking if they ever plan to support a keyboard on the ATV version of Zwift. If not then I’ll return the expensive BT Apple keyboard and continue to struggle with the Apple remote.


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I recently sent an inquiry of a Bluetooth keyboard would ever work with the companion app, because when you have one connected, the text box disappears and you can’t see what you have typed. They wrote back saying there was no intention for that to be fixed or the intention of the companion app. But I’m curious about that since the BT keyboard isn’t an available feature for AppleTV, and the chat feature is already built into the companion app.

Have they responded to your inquiry?

Hi - no response yet. From what I’ve read in other threads, I think Zwift will release an update that will improve the response for the ATV remote.