Gaming Controller Support for Apple TV

We all know the Apple TV remote is less than ideal for operating Zwift, especially while riding at higher intensities. I recently purchased a Nimbus Steelseries gaming controller with hopes it would improve my Apple TV Zwift experience… Unfortunately, the controller only could be used to select, but not navigate (w/ direction pad or toggles) to options and menus within Zwift.

It would be amazing, if Zwift could increase support for gaming controllers. This could be a huge benefit for Apple TV users for little effort (assuming).

Oh absolutely and yes please to this feature request. I’ve had this gaming controller since it was released and it makes games on TV a dramatically better experience. Thanks in advance.

I was just think about buying the Nimbus Game controller, until I read your post. The apple TV remote isnt great. The companion app doesn’t work great for me either on my iPhone because moist fingers doesn’t work great on touch screens either. Thinking an iPad + keyboard for the companion app might be the next best option for controlling Zwift on the Apple TV. Thats a far more expensive option though than a gaming controller.

I don’t have a Apple TV, but I was thinking shouldn’t a Keyboard be the ultimate option. It look like you can pair a bluetooth KB to ATV.

see this link. Might be worth checking out. There is even KB with built in track balls.


Do Zwift keyboard shortcuts work with Apple TV and bluetooth keyboard?

None of the Zwift keyboard shortcuts work using a BT Apple keyboard with the Zwift application running on Apple TV 4th Gen.

I replaced the ATV remote with the newest Apple wireless magic keyboard. Connects and works fine with everything within the Apple TV system, but apparenty Zwift coding within the ATV OS is not there. I tried every combination of function/control/shift keystrokes, and al the navigation arrow keys - nada.

You can start Zwift by pressing Enter, and the Esc key has some effect, but not what you might expect.

It would be n excellent replacement for the ATV remote. Hoping they code the ATV for keyboard shortcuts soon!

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Zwift, every time I try to select a route using the AppleTV controller, a kitten dies. Please enable game controller support for the kittens. Thank you.

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