Running a keyboard on ATV

Hi, I now run Zwift through Apple TV via a HDMI cable to a monitor (not TV). Works great but hoping to also run a keyboard to use the hot key functions rather than using the ATV remote. I do understand that pairing a keyboard via BT to the Apple TV takes another connection away but now that we can run the smart trainer, power, cadence, speed etc through the Companion App is anyone using a separate keyboard and all of it running well? If so, what keyboard did you get as I’m told that even if it is IOS compatible it may still not run all the F keys etc for Zwift. Thanks for your help.

Nope, Zwift only supports a keyboard on Windows and macOS. The Apple TV remote headache is part of the deal with Apple TV and Zwift. (And phones/tablets as well.)

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Oh wow, thanks. I thought I saw a DC Rainmaker or Desfit Youtube clip where they were using a keyboard with the ATV but it must have been BT’ed to a Mac or Windows laptop not an ATV.