Bluetooth improvements for controllable trainers & treadmills [January 2022]

awesome thank you!

the reason i ask about the firmware upgrade is that many of us using kickr’s have had to roll back firmware to just before wahoo introduced updates for FTMS. for example, i had to roll back to 4.1.2 on my kickr v5, because the 4.2.1 release made the hill simulation i was feeling on my trainer badly out of sync with what was happening on screen in zwift. the 4.2.1 release notes say they “added bluetooth FTMS support”. lots of folks on this forum have been struggling with this sort of problem and/or “reversed” gradients. in almost all cases, rolling back to a firmware just before “added bluetooth FTMS support” solves the problem.

here’s the release notes i’m referring to:

here’s another post i wrote about the firmware versions for kickrs:

those of us who have contacted wahoo support on this have gotten a response of “that’s probably something happening in zwift software”, but not much response here in the forums until this thread appeared.

your answers appear to be dealing with this problem – i’d love to upgrade my firmware, but 4.1.2 “just works” now. (4.2.5 adds LED sleep mode!)