Bluetooth dropping during ride, won't reconnect without quitting

Not sure to be honest, not having any connection issues using trainer road. Only when using zwift

I think the problem with Zwift and Bluetooth seems to be if you lose connection for even a split second it won’t repair. Other apps if it drops for a second it’ll pick the connection back up so you might not even notice the drop out.

I have elite trainers and tacx trainers and using their own apps if Bluetooth drops it’ll reconnect easily however Zwift never does unless you close the app and reopen it.

On Android at least.

Just tried Zwift again pairing via Bluetooth to my Win10 laptop. Seems like there is another issue with ERG mode not adjusting the resistance to match the target watts. It just gets stuck holding the watts from the previous interval. Zwift is now unusable for me.

@Gerrie_Delport, Do you know if Zwift support are looking into these issues? Seems there are a few threads on here regarding the same issues.

I wouldn’t hold your breath!

I don’t know.

I would try a external usb Bluetooth dongle or ant+.

Same thing started happening to me yesterday. During ride : dropping ALL connections…
W10 OS updated
Ant updated, 100 % active and ok in W10
bt updated 100% actibe and ok in W10

No more connections - pairing screen mentioning NO SIGNAL and crashes Zwift.
Looks like W10 states all connections are ok, but Zwift seems to think NOT…

Started another ride on ATV, same trainer, same dongles, same set-up… All ok.
So no interference issue at all (as I had none at all before and nothing changed in my setup)

So there is something wrong with the Zwift Windows App?

Anyhow, I am stuck … So can’t help either…