Bluetooth Disconnects

(Simon Brewer) #1

When I switch to another app on my phone, and switch back to Zwift, I find that the Bluetooth connections need to re-established. For example if I am doing a workout, and switch over to Netflix, then my trainer disconnects.

Trainerroad works perfectly in this mode, so I know it is possible.

(Andrew Shevel) #2

I have noticed the same thing.

(Vincent W.) #3

We are still working on various Bluetooth issues but I’ll also look into this to see if it’s a widespread issue. Thanks for writing in!

(Chris Holton) #4

yeah same here, if you turn off Bluetooth then turn it back on again it seems to reconnect

(Anabolic Sufi) #5

Yes experienced same issue of all bt devices disconnected when I tried to go out of app to play YouTube or music etc. Had to re establish the connection.

(Lee Prescott) #6

Same situation bluetooth disconnect randomly and when you task to another app