Bluetooth connection?

I have a Taxc Bushido Smart and have the Ipad attached to the handlebars, doing workouts and have purchased one or two films which I enjoyed… till I found Zwift only a couple of weeks ago and I love it.  Did my FTP this morning.  The problem I have is that I need to carry my Mac with the Ant+ all the way to where my bike is setup to be able to use the program plus it has to be 1 meter away which does not really allow me to see the screen in front of me.  This makes life a bit difficult - with the Tacx app I jumped on my bike and got going.  Any suggestions … I know there is a USB cable but to purchase from South Africa with the Rand/Dollar is crazy.  Thanks

Hi Marinda,

Bluetooth support is coming soon. If you have a computer store nearby they should carry a USB extension cable as well (rather than requiring you to buy one online).


Any ETA when Bluetooth support will be available? Thanks in advance