Bluetooth connection

(. Stuart) #1

 Looking for troubleshooting tips for my problems with connection.

I am using bluetooth speed/cadence sensor and bluetooth heartrate sensor via the mobile app link on my android tablet to connect to my pc.

I know both sensors work via bluetooth as i have no bother with my tablet when using wahoo fitness tracker. However this is not the case when using zwift.

Sometimes it takes ages for the sensors to pair in the game. IE the bluetooth icon in the zwift game takes a long time to come on. 

Mostly though it is during a cycle I find that I suddenly lose connection. When i go through the menu in the game and look at the pairing of devices it tells me that there is no signal (on all devices). 

Also the bluetooth icon has stopped flashing in the top left hand corner.

Is this a bluetooth issue or a wifi signal? I say wifi issue because my tablet signal is only “fair” and my pc signal is “good”.

My tablet and pc are side by side on a table about handle bar height.

This is really frustrating, especially once warmed up and sweat is lashing from me and I come to a standstill?


(Jason K) #2

It depends on what you see the BLE icon change to:

* Dimly lit phone: phone is no longer paired

* White icon w/hazard: phone is paired, but BLE is blocked

If you see the dimly lit phone, it’s very likely this is a WiFi issue, and you’ll want to try and improve your signal.