Devices Wont Connect

 Hi all…I have seen this issue posted but most were from a while back and none really applied to me.  Have been a Zwifter for a while and this is the first problem I’ve ever had… So here goes…NO devices will connect.


Windows 10 PC, HTC10 android phone, Wahoo Kickr, using Wahoo cadence sensor and Wahoo HR monitor.  Has worked fine until the latest android and PC updates.  My phone and PC are on the same network.  All devices are “waking up” with fresh batteries.  Zwift on PC and phone are connected to each other…i can see the phone/bluetooth icon “scanning” to attempt connection.  If i understand correctly, the phone collects data from sensors via bluetooth then transmits data to PC via wifi network.  So it appears as if my phone and bluetooth connection is the issue since i can control the game with my phone???  I have updated all software on all equipment.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i have this exact same issue but with samsung s6 phone and generic ble speed & cadence sensor, have already send logs to zwift support, sent to l3 support

I have tried airplane mode. Didn’t solve. No other devices paired to sensors. Sensors are not paired directly to phone or PC. Have no other BLE devices paired to phone.

I did try using Wahoo application on my phone and everything works fine. This tells me the sensors are working and my phone does connect to the sensors without issue.

The icon in Zwift on PC shows phone/ble logo pulsing… Waves coming from it as its attempting to connect. I can start a ride and end it with my phone indicating that the phone is controlling the PC application.

It’s like everything is as it should be, but for some reason, the PC application is not seeing the sensor output across the Wi-Fi connection from my phone.

Have not tried that. Tech suggested I unpair all devices from Wahoo. If that doesn’t work, they requested I send a log file. Haven’t tested after unpairing. Will tonight though. I will say, Zwift tech is quick to respond and eager to help me. Impressed by that. Hope they can fix it. Thanks!

After unpairing sensors from Wahoo, it appears that all sensors are connecting to Zwift Now. Yes! Will ride tomorrow.

This is insane.  My device decides at random to connect or disconnect.  Ive been trying for an hour now, and while I was just sitting here, suddenly it connected.  Not my HR monitor, but everything else.  Everything I saw on this said it was a simple matter of plugging in, signing on, and riding.  Not so much, and not so much support either. 



Please start a new thread and explain the issues you are having and we will assist you in getting up in running. The more info the better.

Yeah, I don’t know how to start a new thread.

  1. according to zwift youtube video, dongle is supposed to easily plug into usb extension for improved pick up. My does not plug in.
  2. devices won’t pair even when I’m 2" from them with lap top.
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  4. 1st use, HR intermittent even though consistent on my bike computer. Now it won’t pair at all.