Bluetooth Connected BUT Rider Not Moving


My Bluetooth is connected and indicates as much (light stops flashing, watts increase / decrease etc), but the rider will not move. 

I have tried re-setting / re-installing the app (iPhone) and the turbo (Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer).

It worked perfectly, I left everything in situ and turned the power off for the night - I returned the next night, tried exactly the same and had no luck. 

Upgraded from my standard turbo and awaiting an ant+ to be delivered, but as I say, was working fine. 

Apologies for any repetition - I could not find a solution in the other posts. All help most welcome.  

When using Zwift on an iOS device, the 7 day free trial is not activated until you have subscribed.

Once subscribed, you will gain access to the 7 day trial and can cancel anytime.

Here’s how to join:

Hi Matt,

I had a look at your account and I don’t see an active monthly membership at this time. That is the reason why your avatar won’t move in the game.

I’ll expand on what my colleague said…

We recently changed our trial system. Now, if you have not yet subscribed, you’ll be able to ride for up to 25km every month for free. You can use these kilometers for anything you’d like, from workouts to races to free riding. The kilometers are able to be used at any time during the month, but they will not roll over to the next month. That means at the beginning every month, you’ll be able to try Zwift out again.

However, once those 25km are used up, unless you have a monthly membership, your avatar won’t move in the game until next month, when the 25km refreshes and is available for your use again.

Furthermore, when you create a Zwift account through the iOS platform, you have to subscribe to a membership using Apple iTunes in order to unlock the 7 day free trial. However, if you decide you don’t want to keep the monthly membership, you can cancel any time. For Zwift memberships subscribed via iTunes, cancellations must also be done via iTunes

You can refer to this article from our Zwift Knowledge base, and scroll down to the “Signing up through the game (iOS)” portion for instructions on how to activate your membership and free trial.


This bites. I just spent 4 hours I will never get back to only find this article. Nothing was said about the 25km limit, just 7 days. So I wasted my whole evening (second day to have the app on my ipad) trying to figure out why the rider will not move. What a waste of time. TO EVERYONE IF YOU GO PAST 25Km YOUR AVATAR WILL NOT MOVE.


Experienced the same. Frustrating…
It wasn’t stated anywhere. Why should you be able to enter the game, see everything the watts etc but not be able to move that avatar. You should just change it that way, that there is no way of entering the game out of the free trial phase.