Bluetooth broadcast of gradient data as standard

I have the Elite Rizer which adds a lot of realism and variation to my workouts. However the gradient is hit and miss given its “guessing” the gradient based on other factors. It would be great if Zwift could define its own bluetooth gradient standard (until it gets adopted globally) to make Elite Rizer and Kickr Climb more immersive.

zwift does send the gradient which is how your trainer knows what resistance to set.

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Indeed - but not standalone so that Klimb and Rizer could simply use that figures to adjust to as I understand it

the rizer pairs to the trainer and gets the gradient reading from there. Zwift sends the gradient to the trainer and the rizer gets the gradient from the trasiner. Not sure what you mean by “guessing”?

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I think this is covered in more detail here: “direct-connection-to-elite-rizer-for-up-down-movement/561889/39”

Since the rizer is beholdent to the trainer involved (in my case the kickr core) it would be easier if Zwift simply broadcasted gradient stand alone that the bluetooth connection of the Rizer would pickup and adjust after. We would need a new “device” in the pairing screen which is the gradient device :slight_smile:

All that happens is zwift tells the trainer the gradient and the trainer broadcasts this gradient and the rizer picks this up, which is what would happen if zwift broadcast to the rizer directly.

I don’t see how your experience would be different?

Zwift > Trainer > rizer or zwift > rizer will get the same gradient to the rizer.

i may be missing something but i don’t see how it would change anything