No more gradient effort

(Ulrich Diederich) #1

Maybe a Kickr hardware issue but I seem to no longer feel any difference in the gradients. I just notice that the gradient number has gone up and my speed has gone down but my pedal effort seems the same. I can ride the London escalator 15% incline seated while everybody else is out of the saddle. My trainer resistance is set to max. Something is wrong because I used to really suffer up the steep inclines like everyone else. Any ideas?

(Ulrich Diederich) #2

Just FYI, I did a spindown.

(Terry Cheng) #3

Connected via Bluetooth?

(Daren) #4

It’s worth commenting that this is illusory rather than a real reflection of how others are riding. Zwift doesn’t in any way know whether someone is in or out of the saddle, and it always shows other riders out of the saddle if the gradient is 3% or more.

Would you like to know more…?

(Ulrich Diederich) #5

Daren, I have put 1200 miles on this Kickr and I definitely used to feel gradients of all types. The 15% incline in London always had me out of the saddle on my bike (both at home and virtually) and I really had to work for it. Now it’s just not that hard. Something has definitely changed.

(Daren) #6

I’m not disputing your problem - just noting that you can’t infer anything from anyone being “out of the saddle” or not. =)

(Ulrich Diederich) #7

Terry, I recently upgraded to iOS12. Any connection there?

(Ulrich Diederich) #8

Cheers Daren :slight_smile:

(Terry Cheng) #9

Not sure if IOS 12 or the recent Zwift update is to blame. Seems BT is causing some issues on Zwift for IOS devices however

(Ulrich Diederich) #10

Sorry what’s “BT”. Any fixes in the works?

(Daren) #11


(Stephanie Lafay) #12

Hey there, look like I have a similar problem, no resistance change during my activity while I am supposed to climb. Nevertheless I install Zwift application on a PC not on apple device, I use an elite Drivo (recent 2018 model) connected to my PC with an ANT+ key… just use Zwift companion on my iPhone in the meantime… Does someone experience the same problem ? Do you find something to solve the problem ? Many thanks everybody, Stephanie

(Simon Beckers) #13


I have the exact same problem with my elite direto. During workouts the resistance changes (in ERG mode), but while riding freely nothing happens when riding on inclines.

Anyone has a solution for this?

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #14

Please try to use the FE-C option when pairing your trainer.

(Andy) #15

I have also started to experience this issue. I’m using tacx Neo + iPad.