Blocky looking rendering of dust and water [July 2022] [1.27]


I’m seeing some boxing of dust images that only started since the update.

Today at 3 points on TTT. italian village, through boat yard bit and on epic kom bypass. So assume all dust points will be similar.
Running windows 11 with RTX3070 in 4k.

Try a full restart (not shut down), if still the same it may require a reinstall. Suggests a dodgy asset or shader; it’s sometimes seen on water spray and tail lights too.

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cheers will try later. I did do a full reboot since update yesterday to race today.

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It restarts the Nvidia driver from scratch, that’s the only reason I mention it. It resolves the slowdown to the home screen ‘slide in’ effect when selecting a route, so there are obviously some things that stay in cache or memory.

I also get this new boxed dust effect Win 10, Nvidia 1050Ti on HD

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Same particle effect squares for me. I’ll upload screenshots later. Definite new bug.

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yup, confirmed as I saw it my ride tonight (windows PC / Nvidia)

Water and dust both affected. Also saw squares behind the triangle direction indicators on some riders.

Yep as mentioned on FB same here with dust/water boxes. Win11 12th gen cpu/RTX2060

Hard not to unsee once you know its around. Annoying.

This update has introduced the same problem for me as well. This is the blocky-looking graphics (particle effect squares) with the dust, water and turn-signal effects.

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super
  • PC Windows 10
  • 4K HDMI Ultra profile and resolution of 3840x2160
  • GFE - 512.15 03/22/2022
  • Intel Core i7 6700

I have the same block issue when rendering dust as others have reported here.

After the latest update I noticed that the dust isn’t rendered correctly. Instead of dust particles, the only thing I see now are large blocks moving around where the dust should be. These blocks are a slightly lighter color and transparent so they don’t affect the ride, but it’s not a good experience.

Computer: iMac 27" (5K)
OS: macOS 11
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M295X

Thanks for these reports and the screencaps everybody. Pictures of what you’re seeing are always helpful.

We’re looking into the cause on this. So far, a common thread appears to be desktop / laptops with very capable GPU’s. If you’re weighing in to this thread - please let us know which operating system and graphics card you’re using. Thanks



macOS 11.6.7 / AMD Radeon R9 M295X

Windows 11, Nvidia GTX 1060

Win10 and RTX 3060 Ti here, which with the above replies is already enough information to confirm it’s not OS/driver/GPU dependent.

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Win10, GTX 1070 Ti mini

macOS 12.4, 13" Intel MBP, AMD RX580 external GPU.