Blocky looking rendering of dust and water [July 2022] [1.27]


Unless I’m mistaken, I’ve noticed a transparency box when “turn signals” appear behind our avatars.

I recall the arrows being the only part visible, now I’m seeing a roughly 10% opacity white box around the triangles.

Seems something happened with transparency effects across the board. Guess I just haven’t noticed it anywhere else personally.

Certainly not related to “low end” GPUs.
This issue is happening to me on a 3070

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Yes, I see it too. I happened to take a few screenshots near turns today. Zoomed shot below.

macOS 12.4, 13" Intel MBP, AMD RX580 external GPU

Following up on this - we’ve got a handle on what’s causing this. Still need to verify the work in progress, and I’ll update progress as we get closer to releasing the fix.


Yeah I’ve seen that too, I mentioned it in my post above. :+1:

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i12700k 3080Ti

Windows 10 / gtx1050

After riding for a few weeks in Watopia, I hadn’t seen or noticed the issue with the blocky turn arrows and thought it had been resolved.

But today in France they seemed even more noticeable:

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Pixelated confetti!?

During Ascenders Team Spin & Sprint at London on Classique Route - 60 minutes and After Party Lap (pictured).

Hey all - just checked the ticket and it looks like this bug fix is moving along. It’s in QA review, so hopefully all goes smoothly towards a fix.


Saw the dust boxes on Wandering Flats, Makuri during the dirt sections.

AppleTV 4K

Update August 10 2022:
Hey all - Zwift game update v1.28.0 released today and mostly fixes this bug. We were able to resolve the issue in almost all cases but were able to reproduce it in one instance that needs further investigation.

So we’re going to leave this ticket open. If you happen to see it again, please grab a screenshot and let us know where on the route you came across it.

Update August 12 2022:
We have reproduced a blocky-looking artifact when a butterfly is on screen. If are you are reporting something close to the screencaps upstream - please pay attention if there is a butterfly or not. Thanks.


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