BLE controller connection no longer found for pairing through Zwift Companion last few days

Wahoo Kickr Bike
latest firmware

Alienware X17 R1
Windows 10 Pro with all available Windows Updates and feature updates

IPad Pro M1 12.9 2021
IPadOS 15 Beta 8, upgraded to iPadOS 15 RC (Release Candidate) yesterday

IPhone 12 Pro Max
IOS 15 Beta 8, upgraded to iOS 15 RC (Release Candidate) yesterday

Zwift ANT1+ dongle

I’ve been using BLE connection through Zwift Companion on my phone for BLE connections to the Windows 10 laptop due to the unreliability of the current Windows 10 Bluetooth implementation.The Zwift ANT+ dongle also works well, although without steering functionality or use of the right top shifter buttons for powerups and U-turns that Wahoo has only enabled with BLE connections thus far.

The BLE controller connection stopped pairing a few days ago, no change for the others except steering, and my Polar H10 HRM also pairs normally. I had been on the same iOS Beta 8 for some time since released without any problems. Everything pairs directly to the Windows 10 laptop as in the past, but with signal loss after a few minutes, which is unchanged.

The Wahoo Fitness app on the phone still pairs normally for all functions, including controller functions, as trainer difficulty and elevation can be changed as expected through the app.

The same problem with lack of pairing/detection of the controller function is the same whether Zwift Companion is run on the phone or iPad Pro. The problem was not resolved after updating iOS and iPadOS beta 8 to the respective Release candidates.

All BLE functions pair normally through the Zwift application itself when run on the iPad Pro or the phone.

This suggests that the problem is not hardware-related (except for the known Windows 10 issues for direct BLE pairing to the laptop), and related to Zwift companion.

No prior problems with the Beta 8 versions for either device until the last few days, and would note that online posts suggest that the Release Candidates installed yesterday are likely to be the versions released to the public 9-20. Today’s cumulative Windows Updates on the laptop also had no impact on the problem, or on the signal loss for BLE connections direct to the laptop.

A hardware problem or iOS/iPadOS-related BLE problems seem excluded by normal connections on both mobile devices for all functions using the Zwift application, as well as normal function when the Wahoo fitness app on the phone is connected to the bike.

Have also tried power cycling the phone, laptop and bike without success.

I’m using the ANT+ dongle again for now.