BLE bridge (PC with Bluetooth and iPad with Mobile Link)

(O bi Wan) #1

So, I have an ipad that has Mobile Link and a PC with the Zwift app and regular bluetooth. Is it possible to connect to Mobile link as a bridge to the PC using Bluetooth only? Power meter is stages. I know the PC shows up under bluetooth on the iPad settings, but I’ve never tried to do this bridging method.

Ant+ is super flaky and I’m done fighting it!

(O bi Wan) #2

I found a BLE dongle I’ll pick up just to be sure. Only $10 at Frys.

(Paul Allen) #3

No, the connection between the iPad Zwift mobile app and the PC Zwift app will be done over Wifi no Bluetooth. The iPad and the PC will need to be on the same network in-order to bridge the Bluetooth signal from the iPad to the PC.

As far as the Ant+ issues take a look at this to see if it will help resolve the issues:

(O bi Wan) #4

So, I can connect my Stages to my iPad via Mobile Link and Mobile link to the PC via the full Zwift app on my laptop via WiFi? Is this reliable?

(Paul Allen) #5

Yes and it is very reliable. You could also download Zwift for iOS an run it right off you iPad if you like. My son does that and never has any issues. One think with Bluetooth is that it can only connect to one app/device at a time so make sure your Stages is not connected to anything before starting the Zwift mobile app.

I would still take a look at the link I posted before on troubleshooting your Ant+ issues. 

(O bi Wan) #6

I’ve tried all that with the ant+ short of dongle replacement. The dongle might just be bad. It’s pretty old now. This BLE bridge would be free. I’m using a 50" TV and the iPad runs mobile link, but not the full zwift app. I run it through my iPhone, but the resolution is low and there is lag via Airplay to my AppleTV.

(O bi Wan) #7

Also, it’s Stages, which has well documented issues with ANT+. My HRM is ANT+ and I don’t notice the dropouts with that.

(Paul Allen) #8

I was going to get Stages but went with 4iiii instead. Stages didn’t have the crank arm length I needed and in the future they may support putting a power meter on the right side of my crank (Shimano 6800).

(O bi Wan) #9

I was really interested in 4iiii when I first heard about them. I got a steal on the Stages. I think they were blowing them out because the ANT+ sucks, but I suppose I need to take off my tin foil hat.

Do you know if this BLW bridge method causes lag in power to the Zwift app?

(Paul Allen) #10

The lag (if there is one) would all depend on the strength and speed of the Wifi signal between the iPad and the PC, under most circumstances the lag will not be noticed.